I believe YOU have the potential for tremendous shifts in perceptions, awarenesses and your capacity for healing, the ripple effects of which can be profound and life changing. In my work, there is the combination of my knowledge and expertise with guidance from the wisdom of pure presence and the engagement of your own deeper/higher resources to effectuate the optimal experience for your current needs. 

With my soul coaching, hypnotherapy and shamanic offerings, I bring forward my gifts of intuitive perspective and attend to you on deep and meaningful levels: MY SOUL TO YOURS. In bodywork sessions my techniques are intended to decrease pain, reduce tension, ease discomfort and promote healing. As you experience deep, restorative relaxation, you can build reserves to face ongoing stresses, both large and small. Taking care of yourself: mind, body & spirit, allows you to meet your responsibilities more readily and to enjoy a richer life experience. 

Set aside TIME FOR YOU so you can bring your best to yourself, your loved ones and the world! 

You will find links to all of my endeavors here. Whether it's in-person client sessions, long-distance client work through Skype, workshop facilitation, conversations on the souls aloft blogtalk radio show or posts on my delighted sage blog, ALL my efforts in the world are a co-creation with Spirit and an honoring of My Personal Path. Aspiring  to live with reverence and joy and intending to be authentically ME, laughter and levity light my way, most of the time. I approach my work with great respect, but don't take myself too seriously.  

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Soul Coaching & Hypnotherapy

We often believe that our big complicated tangled troubles require big complicated solutions to untangle them. Here's the thing: I believe healing can come with seemingly simple intervention. A symbol, a powerful metaphor or brief interruption of an old pattern can be all that is needed for our own amazing resources to kick-in and assist us to reorganize our experience of life. CLICK HERE FOR A MENU OF OFFERINGS AND MORE INFORMATION.

time for you, a healing arts studio in phoenix arizona

assisting you to reach a state of wellness and stillness so you may hear the whisper of your own inner wisdom and claim a richly rewarding life

Bodywork & Energy Treatments

I offer treatments I enjoy and modalities I believe in. Clients come in for relief from tension or pain and come back for benefits gained through deep relaxation and greater connection.

Kind words about My Work

I'm blessed to have clients willing to share about their experiences with me and my offerings. CLICK HERE FOR THEIR TESTIMONIALS.

Shamanic Soul Care Sessions

If you are struggling, feeling lost and leading a diminished life, in need of spiritual intercession and solutions you've yet to find elsewhere, perhaps shamanic healing arts are right for you. Shamanism is most simply put: a direct experience of spiritual knowledge. I have been studying the ways of the shaman and learning to bring these ancient and powerful techniques forward into our contemporary culture to assist with the soul care that is mostly lacking in the hustle and bustle of our current lifestyles. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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A small key opens big doors. ~ Turkish proverb

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