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A fusion of gentle flow movement, breath work, yogic philosophy, foundational posture support and "yummy" yin and restorative poses in these 75 minute classes. 

Small groups. Good vibes. Great yoga class option for highly sensitives, those navigating chronic or invisible illnesses, anyone anxious in large groups / spaces, a preference for  small group settings with a spiritual focus or are new/new-ish to yoga. 

Bring water & your mat. (I have a few extras if you need to borrow).

* Private sessions available



Be playful, relieve stress. Connect with your SACRED SELF.

A blend of gentle yoga postures and freestyle movement with music and essential oils organized as a journey through the 7 chakras.

No Dance Experience Required! 

While AromaYoga Boogie offers choice and freedom, there is no need to worry about not knowing what to do. This is a guided experience and direction is offered throughout the process.

Bring water. Wear comfy clothing.


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Yoga Nidra is an ancient guided visualization/meditation experience.

Come explore beyond body and mind. Enjoy the power of a deep rest and pause, known as "Yogic Sleep". From simple relaxation to profound realization, both new & seasoned meditators can enjoy this class. Layered and inviting; go as deeply as you choose.

Prepare to melt into the experience as stress / tension dissolve. Plenty of blankets, mats, pillows and props are available for you to create a blissful platform to fully enjoy the meditation.

Bring water. Wear comfy clothing.