Free Resources

Welcome to my free resources page. I believe there is much medicine available in what I've shared with you here. If nothing else, it's one way to get a feel for what I'm all about, should you be contemplating working with me. 



A six minute visual guided meditation created for your beautiful wonder-filled creative being


Enjoy my Essential Oils for Wellness playlist on YouTube.

I recommend the 2-part presentation on Essential Oils as Allies for Spiritual Connection and Support.

44 minutes total: Part 2 begins auto-magically after Part I concludes. You MAY need to manually adjust it to start from the beginning. 

As a natural explorer and highly sensitive being, I am exploring and living the questions that keep my Soul Aloft. If you allow yourself to drift into the essence of these conversations, inspiration and meaning can come alive for YOU!

Check back, as I'll add new conversations regularly.

See below for access to the 16 original podcast-style episodes.


From 2013 - 2015, I hosted the SOULS ALOFT PODCAST, a show created NOT because I have the answers, but because I value deep conversation around the questions. Listen in as my guests and I engage in soulful exploration on a variety of topics that remain relevant and interesting (in my humble opinion).

To the right you'll find a handful of the 15 episodes that live on.  Click on any episode from the list and it will begin to play with a brief 30 second "commercial" before the show begins. Should you choose to peruse the remaining episode options, you can go HERE.

Bite-sized inspirational meditations/messages


A CHECKPOINT - a chance to slow down and tune in to be sure you are "on track"

A GIFT - a reminder of the greatness you carry and the specialness that is you.

AT THE BOTTOM - special support tool when you find yourself down... in a dark place... or at your wits end.

Happy to be of Service

I hope you've enjoyed these resources. Be sure to check back. I'll add more here, as I'm inspired and guided to do so.

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