A Trajectory...

I have been musing upon my personal trajectory. Unmistakably, experiences and activities over the last few years have considerably deepened my spiritual connection to life. More recently, I've found myself wondering, "What is being asked of me now"? And, more importantly, "Am I honoring and fulfilling the Call?"

As I observe fellow travelers on spiritual paths, and hear about their rituals and customs for connection and reverence, it can be tempting to find fault with my own practices and deem myself lacking. On the other side of the spectrum, because I accept and understand my Path is my own, I can make compelling arguments around my relationship with Spirit being unique and in perfection. However, all of this is bothersome in that these are intellectual layers with flavors of manipulation.

I don't want to be convinced, rather I long to be in flow.

So, I slid into a creative space today and simply listened. The following arrived, bringing with it the ease, flow and peace I desired. Thank you, Spirit.


The shift out of fear and into curiosity begets animation from neutrality.
Liberated from a canvas, Spirit can nurture new mediums through me.
An ever evolving installation of magic, elegance and revery,
LIFE itself becomes prayer in motion.