Burned by the Divine Primal Goddess

Burned by a Divine Primal Goddess
Burned by a Divine Primal Goddess

SHE prods, pokes and pushes. Flailing and screaming, I enter the fire of my fears stunned, weepy, lashing out.

My process is messy and rage-y but the primal goddess refuses dormancy when growth shows up on the menu.


everything is submitted one and all into the flames

As trembles of pent-up denials & recriminations build to convulsing crescendo, a thick black smoke of guilt & shame rises to choke me.

I collapse, giving myself to this cleansing. Whispering, "please... burn away what must go. I will learn to love with what remains."

Responding to pure presence and a willingness -- true and real, the Fire gives reprieve.

I step forward in humble gratitude as the touch of the Goddess leaves me raw and fresh and unburdened.