Introducing Souls Aloft Radio with Suzanne Wigginton

I promised the scoop on what I've been up to lately, and I'd like to start by sharing a little about my process. Over the last ten years, I have repeatedly stepped out of my comfort zone, gone "off book" with my life, taken a few severe turns and landed in a life of awesome. 

Not a life of perfection and ease, but soulfulness and connection,
alive and engaged
and in my book that = AWESOME.

Along the way, I have been prompted to take these steps and attempt said turns by following directives from my truest, eternal inner wise self... my soul... whom I have dubbed "My Delighted Sage". An unfolding of these promptings usually goes like this: 

ME: "YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT!?!? couldn't possibly. I must be misunderstanding. I'll wait for more clarification."
I'd love to claim this is merely my attempt at discernment, but in truth, it's mostly resistance and fear. When the nudges, synchronicities and messages keep coming that THIS is truly what is being asked for...that THIS is what is trying to happen, the resistance typically continues.
ME: But other people are already doing THIS and doing it way better than I can.
ME: Well, I don't know HOW to do THIS! 
MY DELIGHTED SAGE: Do I not always lead you through the hows?
ME: Yes...but...but... (and then I sigh and acquiesce and get to work on the steps to bring the current "THIS" to life).

For a decade (over and over) the pattern of resistance, acceptance and manifestation has repeated as I:

  • transitioned from the legal field into massage therapy training
  • launched a blog
  • created Time For You, my biz, where I walk my gifts into the world -- my way
  • answered the call to study contemporary shamanism
  • became a soul care practitioner
  • developed workshop offerings on Dreamwork and Creative Soul Play

AND NOW for the production and promotion of my latest endeavor...

Souls Aloft Radio with Suzanne Wigginton

The Souls Aloft radio show has been created not because I have "The Answers", but because I value deep conversation around the questions. I will be pairing fun and exciting guests with soulful topics for discussion. We will have our topic and some direction to go with it, yet we will hold this direction loosely to allow for the insights and inspiration that result from the magic of a great meandering conversation. It is my hope and belief that, as a listener, you can tune in and claim a little of that magic as your own, or at least be engaged with your own ideas, thoughts and feelings on our topics.

The 1st ever SOULS ALOFT RADIO broadcast is this

Thursday, August 1st at 10 am Phoenix time (1pm EST)


Our topic for this broadcast is Fairytales, Myths & Story and my guest is the wonderful, Jenn Poniatowski

If you can't listen in live, no worries. There will be a link to an archive of the show which I will share afterward.

This has been a labor of love and required A LOT of time, attention, effort and plenty of wrangling with technology issues. I have MUCH to learn as a broadcaster and this first show is not anywhere close to top notch from a production standpoint, but I'm acquiring knowledge and already have ideas for improvements. 


I'll share another important aspect of this creative venture with you. I floated the show concept by a wonderful group of supportive and deeply spiritual women I'm involved with on-line. I received positive feedback and encouragement, and then I STOPPED talking about it altogether.

I simply went about the business of DOING what needed doing to bring Souls Aloft Radio to manifestation. 

Of course, I did my due diligence and asked for pointers from someone who is already successfully producing a regular blogtalk radio show.

Tamara Gerlach at Radiant Living Radio was a tremendous resource and very supportive.

I reached out to my friend, Jenn Poniatowski as I was drawn to the subject of fairytales and myth for the first show and knew she'd be the perfect pairing for the topic. I also shared with one other inquiring friend, the lovely Sarah Nicotra, who to my delight offered her own special brand of encouragement that gave me just the lift I needed at the time. 

But that was it. I knew this project was BIG and S-C-A-R-Y, and I also knew that a stray (or direct) negative comment from a well meaning friend or loved one could cause me to abandon my efforts. I did make mention of "new things brewing" on social media sites with the intention of keeping me on track and accountable to myself, but mostly,

I kept my head down and moved step-by-step toward the goal. This might not be the "right way" for you when bringing your own soul nudgings to fruition, but I believe it is valuable to consider how you interact with others and what you share while in certain tender parts of your own process.

As for where Souls Aloft radio is "going" and what it will become – I have a vision for what could be created with Souls Aloft radio, but

I know


not to claim to know


where this is headed

or why it was important that THIS soul prompting got created now. I am simply honoring my Path, following what is resonating with me (at my core) and moving ever onward.

I would love for you to listen to my show, but whether you do or don't, dear readers, I thank you for being here now, and may you always find and catch the breeze that keeps your Soul Aloft.

With love,