Kiss of the boomerang


There are a lot of jokes and debate on the value of social media and the depths and quality of relationships available through our online experiences. While I agree that much of what is on the menu can be superficial, frivolous and sometimes contentious, I believe it is much like life: you get out what you put in. And, you have a choice of who you let in to your "experience". 

For over a week, I have been sick. I'm talking clear-the-schedule, horizontal-most-of-the-day kind of ill. Amid all of that muck, I have enjoyed several truly soul lifting encounters born from relationships built on the platform of social media -- some from intense coursework I've engaged in for several years, some from renewed friendships across time and great distance and some from new friends found on this computer playground. My soul adores the possibilities born through technology and I honor the responsibility we carry for creating something worthwhile and amazing and fun and -- yes -- sometimes frivolous and even contentious. 

And what I'm learning about ME is that I show up. I really show up in my life and my work and my relationships MOST of the time. And then, when I can't show up, what I've built, shows up for me. 

So today, I'm giving myself kudos for that, instead of tearing myself down or feeling bad about a life & business on-hold and all the perceived collateral damage inherent in that. Today, I give thanks for connections made and carried and for the kiss of the boomerang traveled home.

Whatever platform you're playing on... play well.