Knowledge vs. Knowing and which leads to Living

I'd like to address this post to those who experience turmoil over a compulsion to know what's going to happen, to fully understand before acting and to be certain about what they should do. Let's be honest, we all fall victim to this at times. I know I do.

Because I work with energy and sometimes ask questions that seem eerily "tuned in", my clients often believe I can deliver knowing to them by way of telling. There are many intuitives, empaths, mediums and psychics who will tell you what they see, feel, hear or "get" about you, and I am not about to debunk or detract from those gifts. I believe many gifted souls have been born with or tapped into extrasensory abilities. However, I also believe we can't know anything for absolute certain, which is often the goal of the compulsive seeker. This "need to know" is a close cousin to an inability to trust one's self.

It unfolds like this. You find evidence that your life can not be trusted, by way of childhood suffering, traumatic events, betrayals, blindsides or in the form of perceived failures. A part of you decides you'd be protected, if only you could know what is going to happen, what people are going to do, when the tides are turning and where they are heading next. You believe that hyper-preparedness and being "in the know" are the only safe conditions for making any movement in life: large or miniscule. When you search for and can not find or trust the ability to know internally, you look for answers from others.

But consider that if we all have free will, then what will happen or what could happen is a constantly shifting and transforming landscape, interweaving your free will with the free will of your loved ones, co-workers, people in power and random strangers. It's a complex landscape that would be nearly impossible to interpret through even a snapshot in time, never mind that it's dynamic and ever-changing. Sprinkle in the possibilities of fate, timing and unpredictable wild cards, and you can begin to see that efforts at decoding or deciphering in this way can not possibly be a valuable use of resources or the point of your existence.

Even if you could be told and therefore "know" what's going to happen. Then what? Logically, we have to consider the phenomenon of the self-fulfilling prophecy and the possibility of self-sabotage, separate principles that could play a role. So if you are told by someone else what will happen, can you trust it as fact, emphatically? If you can't trust it, do you really know it?

You're left with not knowing, not trusting and still searching.

An internal solution does exist. We can and do get strong glimpses of truth by way of our own intuition. Gut instincts and flashes of "knowing" (aka intuitions) are like gifts from our higher support teams who, for our safety or overall best interests, sometimes step in and call an audible (a football term for when the quarterback realizes he must call a new play - on the fly - to succeed). Most likely if you think back over your life, you've only regretted when you have ignored a gut instinct, right? Our intuition is a tool that can be heightened or strengthened when we spend time understanding and developing it as an inner resource.

However, even as a developed and nurtured inner resource, intuition doesn't promise knowing (in an everyday world, precognition sense). It can help to unmuddy the waters, quieting the sometimes overbearing voices of outsiders – well meaning and self-serving alike – and honing in on what feels right or wrong for you. But then, you must make a choice, pick a path, commit to an uncertainty and give it a whirl. And even here, you do not find the answer of right or wrong, you simply get a chance to adjust... adjust...adjust as more external data and additional internal nudges reveal themselves.

Life is fluid, alive and moving, not a static moment of knowing. The answers aren't all here (in the physical world) or all there (in the etheric realms). Life is false starts, adjustments, new perspectives, challenges, successes and failures. These are the ingredients for knowledge not knowing, for living not hedging.

What if you could shift your thinking about what knowing is for you? If you've deemed the world-at-large untrustworthy, can you begin to work on building and strengthening your internal relationship to self? Can you begin to allow for subtleties and non-absolutes to support and guide you? Can you be willing to connect with and hone your own inner resources to navigate your life, becoming so rooted and comfortable in your own skin that you are no longer negatively effected by external chaos or outside energies? Can you minimize the need to know, replacing it with wonder and excitement about the possibilities on your journey?

What would that look like for you?

I'll share my own inner equation for knowing in a productive way: It's all about gathering information (external research) then mindfully and objectively considering what I've gathered (internal analysis) through the filter of my very best advisers (intuition) and then taking action (living).

And what if I'm wrong? What if I make a mistake? *GASP* The horror!

What if the truth is that every decision you make and action you take is winding you along your path, no matter the perceived success or failure in it? What if merely making any decision to move is a message to your inner and higher support teams that you are willing, learning to trust in yourself, and thus, ready for more assistance, more guidance, more knowledge?

If you can accept these possibilities or even begin to consider them, you will be taking the first steps toward developing your own personal KNOWLEDGE base, and I KNOW that will serve you well.

In strength,