The Lash-Out Liquidator

For anyone who's been paying attention on social media, I'm sure it's no surprise to hear that I am enamored with essential oils. My introduction to oils was not recent, however. As a massage therapist, I've been working with essential oils personally and professionally for over a decade. What is more recent is the depth of connection and the inclusion of these oils into my daily life.

Power Of Community

I am in a social media group where we support one another through the sharing of ideas and anecdotes about our usage of the oils. Just days ago, someone posted the query, "What's In Your Diffuser Today?" I personally love these posts because I get so many ideas about combining oils that I might not have thought of on my own.

One of the responses was a simple answer of Wild Orange + Cardamom. I hadn't even opened my new bottle of cardamom, having no former experience with it or knowledge about its properties and qualities. Other folks were chiming in about how much they enjoyed diffusing the combination and declaring its yumminess, so I added it to my diffuser that very morning. It smelled DE-LISH, and more importantly -- to me -- it felt DIVINE. What does that mean?

Well for me, I feel a shift inside when I am vibrationally effected by something on a higher or deeper level. There is an internal whisper that brings me to full awareness and attention, like a little nudge that says "THIS… this right here… yes to this!" And in those moments, I know something MORE is available than merely what I am experiencing on the physical plane.

So yes, Wild Orange + Cardamom smelled terrific and something inside me said it was important. But, life is life, and I was busy, so on with my day I went. I might be spiritual and full of care for myself, my loved ones and my environment, but I've got shit to do too. Ahh yes, I am so very human.

life responsibilities often set the pace and agenda

This morning as I sat in the kitchen at my computer engrossed in my daily web check-in rituals, my awareness suddenly honed in on the fact that I didn't have anything diffusing. I tuned in for a moment to ask what might best support me today, and I kept coming back to Wild Orange + Cardamom. I added the combination to my diffuser again and set out to do a little research.

I've been gifted a WONDERFUL book titled: "Emotions & Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing" which beautifully bridges the gap between the physical and emotional aspects of essential oils.

It's like they FREAKIN' know me!

The book subtitles Wild Orange as THE OIL OF ABUNDANCE. And since I have the recently release 3rd edition, it now includes Cardamom which is dubbed THE OIL OF OBJECTIVITY. I read through the section and felt myself grow equal parts excited and self-conscious as the description of the emotional aspect of Cardamom so closely mirrored by own tussles with outbursts of frustration with others… hot-headed moments of anger and loss of rational objectivity… and emotional distortions and hyper focus on problems. YIKES!

It is true that I have done A LOT of personal work around these tendencies which have walked with me since adolescence. I have released a lot. I have healed a lot. But, I still have my moments. And BECAUSE I've healed and grown so much, these particular moments weigh on me and, at times, drive me to feel disappointed in myself. And that is NO GOOD! Not for me, not for my loved ones and not for the people I serve in the world.

Getting down on myself for imperfect actions and reactions is a shame spiral that leads to a pit of super-yuck. I've been there and it sucks! So, as often as I can, I RSVP a firm NO to any invitation to return.

But, when I recognize myself and these tendencies in my research of an oil blend I am finding olfactory delight in, I know it's offering me help. And I submit that it's time for movement, either minuscule or of the leap variety, to heal this presenting layer.

As I breathed in the diffusion of this blend, I went back and re-read about Wild Orange and it's supportive properties of "inspiring abundance, fostering creativity and aiding in transitions" and BAM! I understood the powerful and helpful nature of this combination. I immediately bestowed this blend with a new name.


So, why does of any of this matter? What's the big deal? Who cares? I'm glad you asked.

This interaction illuminated the opportunity present in finding support and tools to aid with my healing around THIS issue, right now. And it's coming up RIGHT NOW because now is the time. That's how this works for me.

The oils are just one piece of this puzzle, an important supportive piece that I haven't used in this way before. My deep attention and willingness to shift will bring forth any additional tools I need. And I am excited to begin!

This is, of course,  just one story on my journey depicting my recently renewed and enlivened love affair with essential oils, and I felt inspired to share it with you. And these individual oils and this combination are not solely limited to what I've shared above. This is the beauty of the oils: they are complex, multi-layered and FULL of personality.