Music as My Medicine

So often when I am navigating difficult emotional, spiritual or physical territory, a song or  a piece of music will greet me on my path to support my process. Sometimes it feels like a supportive friend who holds me while I cry, simply letting me be exactly where I am and accepting that the difficult parts need honoring too. Sometimes the song acts as nudge toward a new perspective: providing an important pivot.

And then sometimes, the song carries an encoded message for my deepest hidden parts that I can not consciously decipher yet it haunts my existence until I let it in to seep through and nourish that which is parched and withering inside. Today that song is BOTH SIDES NOW by the incomparable songwriter, Joni Mitchell from her album CLOUDS. Enjoy!


And be sure to watch for what is wanting to partner with you as you navigate your life experiences, be it a song... a bird... a flower... a billboard... an exchange with a stranger... or a conversation with the sky. Magic and messengers abound!

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