May I Present To You...

A LONG project and a labor of love… today I present… the new SUZANNEWIGGINTON.COM

As a highly sensitive promoting awakened wellness and vibrant living, it seems only fair that I provide a bit of transparency here. This story is one of more labor than love, until the end of this current chapter.

SPOILER ALERT: love wins! 


Last July — yes, more than a year ago — I set out with an intention to create a new online container in alignment with my gifts, my work, my truths and my personality. The project, in retrospect, a comical menagerie of fits and starts, nearly died on the vine. Life interjected several roadblocks and plot twists, and I did a pretty terrific job of getting in the way too. 

When I’d get on a creative roll or if a technical aspect of the build befuddled me, my own personal shit (read: struggle, strife + sabotage) crept in to shut things down. And then there were external factors sporadically popping up like maniacal jack-in-the-boxes, depleting my resources, “jacking” up my process and grinding progress to a halt at several critical junctures. It’s almost hard to imagine this all culminated in a final tapestry that delights me to my core. But it did! 

Truth be told, the timing right now is TERRIBLE with an ongoing family crisis unfolding. So, there’s no dramatic LAUNCH or tantalizing offers, but here’s what I know as a solo-preneur running a micro-business with dreams and plans of being a positive impact in our world:

  • There is no promise of better timing.  
  • Life doesn’t stop until I figure things out.
  • There is no guarantee I’ve done anything “right”.
  • Business doesn’t flourish when I wither.
  • The story doesn’t end. 
  • It’s time to turn this page. 

To “complete” this website in it’s original vision, there’s more work to do. For now though, I’ve decided to ride the energies of this spectacular full moon and release it out into our world with this blessing…


Have a look around!

My best,