Now Serving: Ice cold glass of shut-up juice

Deep breath!  Okay... here goes.  My very first blog entry.  Before I started this entry, I took the very important step of serving a cup of shut-up juice to my inner critic who thinks it's ludicrous to believe I have anything blog-worthy to contribute to the world.  So, with my inner critic served and begrudgingly sipping on her juice, I excitedly (if not yet confidently) plunge into the blogosphere.

Now, for some housekeeping.  Do I purport to be THE Delighted Sage? Heavens no.  I have merely unearthed and awakened the delighted sage inside myself and my mission is simply to continue inspiring her and fostering our beloved connection (during both times of ease and challenge).

[UPDATE + NOTE TO READER: This was the first post from my original blog series under the name "Delighted Sage"]

In his book Voice of Knowledge, Don Miguel Ruiz writes, "Every time you speak your thought... your thought becomes word and now it can go into other people's minds.  If their minds are fertile for that kind of seed... that thought lives inside of them too."  If you benefit from, are inspired by or contemplate loving yourself more due to anything I share:  BONUS!  For today, I simply wanted to say "howdy" and admit that hitting the publish button was terrifying for me, but I did it and now I'm here... in the blogosphere.

Loving me,