Souls Aloft Podcast: Sacred Stillness as Self-Care

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In a culture that encourages and expects BUSY as a constant state of being, many have lost touch with how to STOP and truly rest.... even for a moment. In this episode we explored sacred stillness as a concept and delved into how my guest, Sonja Haller is experimenting with her own practice of sacred stillness in her blog project: 52 SABBATHS.

In her words, "I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I want to feel more peace. I want to feel less anxiety. I’ve always wanted these things and one night I had a dream in which that small, wise voice told me to take a Sabbath. The voice was that of my editor who would blush if I told him I dreamed of him. I took it as a sign. Now whether this secular girl can find any of that in her experiment to experience 52 Sabbaths with all the dedication mustered in an overstuffed life remains to be seen. But I’m forecasting that at the very least I will have found a deeper connection with something, someone or myself."

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