Self-Spelunking Led Me To Periscope

My recent video blog post was WAY more impromptu and unplanned than anything I've done before and stirred a lot of new exploration for me. I like to think of this as self-spelunking.


a spelunker being a person who explores caves and caves as a perfect metaphor for exploring the deep unknown within ourselves and our lives

Simultaneous to posting that vlog, I noticed a flurry of discussion around periscope (live streaming through twitter) and felt compelled to take a closer look.

I've also recently expanded my wellness center (TIME FOR YOU) to now include the Souls Aloft Gathering Space. I know in my bones I am meant to build community and step out more and share about my viewpoint and perspectives and interpretations of life and life experiences.

I went into contemplation and exploration mode around the idea of live streaming. Is this a path I'm drawn toward? Short bursts of sharing to provide value and build my community.... to CONNECT WITH MY PEEPS... to call in those wonderful souls I am meant to serve and inspire?

So, I ventured FAR outside my comfort zone and I've started to SCOPE (affectionate verb for broadcasting through Periscope TV). My broadcasts are brief and only stay available for replay for a mere 24 hours afterward. For me, the self-spelunk is not always easy or pretty or graceful, but soulful exploration rarely disappoints in the long run.

So a caving I shall go!