Souls Aloft Podcast: On Belonging


In this episode, Suzanne explores NAVIGATING THE LONGING TO BELONG WITH TOKO-PA TURNER. The questions we held during our discussion:

  • Is it natural to seek to belong? From what does this longing originate?
  • In our heavily populated, digitally connected modern world, why do so many feel lost and adrift and alone?
  • And how can we organize feeling and experiences like exile, rejection and isolation to assist us on a journey to belonging?

And my wonderful guest: sometimes called a midwife of the psyche, Toko-pa has been working with dreams for over 15 years. Greatly influenced by the work of Jung, her own approach to dreamwork is grounded in the mystical tradition of Sufism in which she was raised. In 2001, she founded the Dream School from which hundreds of students have now graduated. Toko-pa has been interviewed by CNN News and BBC Radio and has over 40,000 online followers on her beloved Facebook page 'Dreamwork with Toko-pa'. In her private dreamwork practice, she works with healing personal & ancestral trauma, reconciling paradox, and facilitates sacred grief & ritual practice. Toko-pa's Dreamspeak column has appeared in publications worldwide and she is currently writing her first book titled 'On Belonging'

Find Toko-pa's wonderful writings and program offerings on her website: