Souls Aloft Podcast: Wisdom Keepers, Crones & Eldership

Souls Aloft Radio is a radio show I host, not because I have the answers, but because I value deep conversation around the questions. We have a topic and some direction to go with it, but that direction will be held loosely to allow for the insights and inspiration that result from the magic of great conversation. As a listener, you can tune in and claim a little of that magic as your own, or at the very least be engaged with your own ideas, thoughts and feelings on our topics. Out topic for this episode is: WISDOM KEEPERS: EXPLORING THE UNTAPPED ASSET OF OUR ELDERS. We're talking about aging, eldership + claiming the magic of the crone years. It's a 30 minute episode (see the player below to listen right here).


  • Why the cultural divergence from the former reverence of our community elders, to a place of near panic about aging?
  • What resources and assets does eldership hold for our families, our culture and society as a whole?
  • How can we reawaken the Joys of Eldership and re-elevate our aging population to a state of reverence, empowerment and respect?

My guest for this episode is Teri Connolly, a beautifully seasoned wisdom keeper herself. Teri has been a soul care practitioner for over 20 years, embracing and embodying ancient wisdom from her ancestors and teachers both earthbound and from the stars. She's about to launch her own program, an internet based show called Fireside Chat with Crones: conversations focused on drawing the wisdom of crones & elders back into our daily lives.

Learn more about Teri at Be sure to sign up for her mailing list to stay apprised on the launching of her wonderful new video series.

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