Stumbling through life... on purpose!

I've recently joined The Journaling Lounge, an amazing forum for on-line journaling and discussion created by Carla Reeves and Sanity Journals.  One of the recent writing prompts (should I choose to accept) was "Where am I right now?"  My instantaneous response, "I am stumbling through my life... on purpose."  This may sound like a contradiction, but trust me, as a former procrastinating perfectionist, it makes good sense and marks significant progress. I'm smack dab in the midst of tremendous growth, change and activity, all of which are (from my former paradigm) foreign, fear inciting and potentially paralysis inducing. 

I've shifted into operating from a skeleton plan, instead of a detailed understanding of where I'm going. I focus on one small step at a time and allow those steps to add up to momentous forward movement, instead of seeing only the large expanse between where I am and where I want to be. With each small step, I take time to look around and open up to possible universal nudges. You know, those serendipitous and synchronistic elements of life that lift us up, amaze us and leave us feeling understood and supported by something larger than ourselves.  And most importantly, I allow for the inevitability of mistakes in my process.  The incomparable SARK says:

"Creativity loves mistakes... is made of mistakes.  We are all artists of life.  We can share from our most creative heart."

Writing for me is a passion and a way to share from my heart; a passion I have largely ignored in my life and only dreamed about in the quiet recesses of my mind. Today, Ireadjust and begin with small steps toward self-care (writing included) which I strongly believe to be the key to all my success. As I make time for writing through journaling, blogging and working on my novel (gulp), I feel a very special aspect of myself, long dormant, now stretching like a cat and coming into the world with lots to say, lots to do and something important to contribute.

Are you finding ways to stumble in small steps toward your own purpose?

Loving me,

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