what's up for me

Showed up to my dream and it's a party of one! Now what?

When we pour our hearts, efforts and energies into building or creating our dream, something we believe we are MEANT to do, how do we proceed when we launch and nothing happens or our creation is not well received? I understand this territory and will offer thoughts and suggestions here. Whether you are building a business... creating a class... composing a piece of music or a poem or a story... or simply expressing your true self in our world.... this can apply to you!

The Lash-Out Liquidator

Wild Orange + Cardamom essential oils smelled terrific, but I was busy, so on with my day I went. Life responsibilities often set the pace and agenda. I might be spiritual and full of care for myself, my loved ones and my environment, but I've got shit to do too. Ahh yes, I am human.

What's Up For Me Vlog - Week 8 - Closure & Gratitude

I'm wrapping up the 8-week series of the What's Up For Me video blog experiment. This week's scheduled vlog post fell just as I set off for soulful travels to California, so the publishing was a bit delayed by my travels and video editing, but better late than never.