This Japanese relaxation and wellness technique consists of channeling spiritually guided healing energies. This amazing modality can be directed to yourself, to others, to animals, plants, places, etc.

There are no special requirements or perceived "gifts" necessary. You need only receive an attunement (opening) from an appropriately trained teacher who will pass along the history, help instill reverence for the work and nurture your confidence to implement Reiki in your life.

Level 1 & 2 classes offered together in one training.

Manual (192 pages) + Certificate Provided.  






Scheduled workshop $180 (2 days 4.5 hours each day) *any current offerings will be on EVENT page

PRIVATE One-on-One $240 (2 days 4.5 hours each day) *personalized with focus on your interests/intentions.

PRIVATE Group Class $360 (2 days 4.5 hours each day)  * 2-4 students in a group organized by you

What is covered in my Reiki 1 + 2 course?

  • History of Reiki + Respect for Those Who Brought Reiki forward to us.

  • Essence and Ideals of Reiki

  • Self-Treatment Protocols

  • Practice with Energy Scanning

  • Protocols for Treating Others

  • All Level 1 + 2 attunements

I've already received Reiki training, but would like to reconnect with or deepen my relationship to Reiki. Can you help?

ABSOLUTELY! Schedule a private REIKI IMMERSION RETREAT (3-4 hours reserved with me for $180) and we'll create a personalized agenda to help you connect, reconnect, deepen and strengthen your confidence with this beauty-filled modality. 

What is the value in choosing you as my Reiki teacher?

There are LOTS of competent and gifted Reiki teachers in Arizona. As a healer + sensitive human, I greatly value the opportunity for one-on-one or small group learning environments. I'm pleased to be able to offer my Reiki training in this way. During small group or private 1-1 classes, I am better able to tailor the training and conversations to your level of your experience, focus in our your specific interests and create a personalized pace.

I also find Reiki a true blessing of a modality for the sensitive practitioner, and I adore passing along my understandings of the modality from this perspective.

Can we really get it all done in 2 short days? Will I be overloaded?

With smaller groups and 1-1 focus, we are able to cover much ground. And while this is an intensive style, the training has been structured so you'll receive all you need.

In a private training, you have a choice to schedule the 2 days back-to-back OR a week apart. I highly recommend the week between each training day. Of course, it’s your choice.

What about Advanced Reiki Training (often referred to as Reiki 3) and Master Teacher Training?

Yes! I've got that covered too. When you are ready and feel called, I am able to complete your Master Teacher training. I offer the remaining levels in a one-day intensive format (7 Hrs + 2hr follow-up session w/in 90 days). There will be an additional manual, a Certificate of Completion and the same pricing structure applies. To be clear, should you choose to also be a teacher, at the end of your Master Teacher Training with me, you WILL be able to pass Reiki attunements onto others.

Why do you NOT offer continuing education credits?

I have CEU requirements for my own licensure, so I understand the question and the desire to take coursework you believe in while earning CEUs. However, it's expensive and time consuming (and frankly has become a bit of a "racket"). Because I am choosing to focus on smaller groups and private trainings, it's not cost effective at this time. There are LOTS of Reiki teachers in Arizona who offer CEUs if that's what you need.  

I'm intrigued but want to know more, what should I do?



Enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation and greater connection. While you lie comfortably clothed on the table, Reiki and other energy balancing techniques are implemented. These subtle yet powerful sessions can relieve stress + pain, release emotional tension, replenish life force and support you when facing acute or chronic health situations. Often, there is an awareness of heat or vibration, although some clients simply report a sense of calm and peace during and after the work. 



A personal path guidance session followed by a vibrational medicine tool experience (i.e. reiki drum, singing bowl, chimes, etc.) then a full reiki / energy medicine session treatment. We'll have time and space built in afterward for a snack and lengthy discovery discussion to integrate, dream forward and, if you so choose, to plot out some next steps on your path. This is an intensive offering if you are in need of great support or if you are preparing for or navigating tremendous change. Of course, you may also simply feel called to claim this offer. Tune in and trust those nudges.

3-4 hours $180 (3 hours is generally the "just right" amount of time for this retreat, but 4 hours is reserved for you.)


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