About Me (Suzanne)

A voice for SACRED WELLNESS expressed as a natural healer, personal path specialist, sacred energy shifter, Reiki teacher and essential oil enthusiast. I provide soulful pause, create space for truths to emerge, and fine-tune your ability to receive, heal and thrive.

Navigating the personal tension point between being
highly SENSITIVE & highly DRIVEN provides gifts
& wisdoms wanting to be shared. I serve as
guide for finding the ways of YOUR path, 
& clarifying language of Soul + Spirit
while offering skilled support &
potent healing techniques. 

I am not your teacher.
Life is the teacher!





Who I Serve

You're WILLING to commit to doing the work and being the change you need.
You're open to exploration to find fresh pathways to sacred wellness.
You're more sensitive than most and likely spiritually inclined.
A bottom line truth - You NEED to do life your way.
Not everyone "gets" that or understands you. 
You're ready to move forward anyway.
You're ready for YOUR more.
You're just READY!

Is this you?


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My Background

With ten+ years as a paralegal in the corporate world before finding my soul’s work in the healing arts, I can appreciate the negative effects of stress and tension piled on by long work weeks, looming deadlines and the fast pace and high expectations of today’s work environment.

Graduating from the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts (SWIHA) in 2001 with a massage practitioner degree led to work in a chiropractic office, where I developed the skills needed to work on clients with specific injuries or issues. From there my path led to the day spa community where an introduction to energy work occurred and my Reiki training began. In 2009, I returned to SWIHA for certifications in Transformational Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy. And in 2011, I began intensive training on a shamanic path. My apprenticeship with Spirit continues today.  

I have enjoyed a lifelong connection to dream exploration, finding wisdom and guidance to illuminate my own life’s path. 

As a highly sensitive person, I have navigated the full spectrum of human moods and emotions, learning to embrace the fruitfulness of darkness and light... motion and stillness. I carry understandings of profound pain, depressive cycles and the joy and fulfillment of souls set aloft.


My Credentials

Cranial-Neural Support for Longevity with Marsha Craven (2017)

Reiki: Certified Level 1 & II Practitioner (2003) Master Certification (2007) Master Teacher Certification (2016)

Coursework + Teaching Assistant: "Healing with Presence & Beauty" (2013-14) with Robin Rice

Coursework: Advanced Hypnotherapy -  subconscious intervention, past life regression, spirit releasement, trance counseling (2011-13) SWIHA

Shamanic Apprenticeship: (2011-2012) 9 months with Robin Rice 

Coursework: "Piercing the Heart of the World, Shamanism, Alchemy & the Tao" (2011) with Robin Rice

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Certification (2010) SWIHA

Transformational Life Coaching Certification (2009) SWIHA

Belief Repatterning & DNA Cell Imagery (2008) with Marsha Craven

500 Hour Massage Practitioner (2000-2001) Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts (SWIHA)

My Professional Code

I provide a sacred and comfortable environment for clients.

I take all reasonable precautions to respect the privacy of and provide confidentiality to those with whom I work.

I work in ways that will promote client autonomy, well-being and maintain respect and dignity.

I honor the magnificence in each client and believe guiding wisdom lies within each client.

I respect and appreciate my client’s time. I strive to always be on-time for appointments.

I conduct business honestly, fairly and with high respect of others.

I possess no ‘medical’ credentials, therefore no diagnosis of physical symptoms will be offered.

I support the principle that professional practice requires professional and continuing education.