invitations to caretake  whispers from your soul

"juice" to answer the callings of your path

sacred intention + medicine for your spirit

a tether to simple sacred connection practices

For years, I've served SENSITIVE, STRONG, SMART and INDEPENDENT souls with my ability to stay present and steady within sacred space while exploring intense spiritual layers, careful to honor autonomy + energetic boundaries.

You may not fully understand the depth and layers I'm speaking to, but I trust you can recognize their significance.

Combining my innate gifts with developed proficiencies in shamanic work, energy modalities and mind~body~spirit coaching + hypnotherapy techniques, the TOOLS I use most are Storytelling, Symbol, Metaphor, Myth and Nature. 

This mentorship offering as well as my private session work can BRIDGE inaction or stagnation to a place where you CAN engage with what you MUST DO to satisfy the needs of your soul.

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from a subscriber

I subscribed last year to MOTM and it has now become one of the more important tools I utilize for my own wellbeing and spiritual practice. Every month, I am so excited when a new entry shows up in my inbox! Suzanne has the very beautiful gift of bringing through what I’m needing in my life at precisely the right time. No matter when I engage, right away or a week or so later, it’s always....perfect timing, divine timing.

the subscription version of this program is not currently offered

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I AM providing this mentorship support to you via LOCAL 1-2-1 Energy Medicine Sessions or VIRTUAL Personal Path Guidance Sessions.

For dedicated and serious inquirers, please know a personalized mentorship program can be crafted for you.

Cost & duration would be determined after an initial session with me.


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