invitations to caretake  whispers from your soul

"juice" to answer the callings of your path

sacred intention + medicine for your spirit

a tether to simple sacred connection practices

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from a subscriber

I subscribed last year to MOTM and it has now become one of the more important tools I utilize for my own wellbeing and spiritual practice. Every month, I am so excited when a new entry shows up in my inbox! Suzanne has the very beautiful gift of bringing through what I’m needing in my life at precisely the right time. No matter when I engage, right away or a week or so later, it’s always....perfect timing, divine timing.

Why Consider a Subscription?

Because spiritual maturity is not earned or bestowed after a session (with anyone) or by attending a workshop or from a finite period of study; rather, YOUR SPIRITUAL HEALTH is navigated layer-by-layer.

SACRED WELLNESS is maintained NOT achieved.

Guidance, Support, Compassion + Consistency are helpful tools and a potent combination for your soul's path.

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I deliver fuel to stoke the sacred personal fire
that prompts connection... supports intuitive clarity... 
keeps you growing into awakened awareness +
resolves impediments to soulful living.






With care, I gather, collect and organize medicine and messages for your benefit, strengthening bonds to the sacred and DIVINE IN YOU while providing counterbalance to mundane aspects of life. I won’t carry you energetically or spiritually, rather you'll be granted access and invitation to what is created.  

YES! Depth, meaning and substance CAN be that simple yet exquisitely profound.

You DON'T need extra "noise" in your life. You WANT purposeful content + essential communications. That's what you can count on here.  



  • OFFERS CONNECTION when you're busy with the mundane aspects of daily life.
  • IGNITES INSPIRATION for your relationship to Spirit, unseen support and YOUR path's work.
  • DELIVERS gentle yet potent SUPPORT for those who forego gatherings due to energetic "costs".
  • IDENTIFIES + ADDRESSES collective PAIN points impacting your personal field. 



MEDITATIONS + conveyance of MESSAGES from
deep connection time + sharing about sacred
ENDEAVORS enacted for the benefit of
subscribers with suggestions about
how you can best to interact
and even duplicate
on your own.

Content may include and - of course - not be limited to:


  • medicine walks where I offer reverence, seek to know what is needed for the land and it's guardians and deeply listen for messages + medicine for us all.
  • embodied movement rituals to honor or transmute (examples: stretching, dance, power postures...)
  • sacred practices and processes with the elements to cleanse, forge, purify & support our paths
  • engaging with symbolic + metaphoric tools for desired transformation or empowerment.

While these endeavors are not overly complicated or complex, there is an art to navigating layers and portals to tap into the essence levels of sacred experience. There are nuances to engage while honoring and collecting medicine. 



Profoundly sensitive myself,
I'm adept at helping sensitives navigate.

For years, I've served SENSITIVE, STRONG, SMART and INDEPENDENT souls with my ability to stay present and steady within sacred space while exploring intense spiritual layers, careful to honor autonomy + energetic boundaries.

You may not fully understand the depth and layers I'm speaking to, but I trust you can recognize their significance.

Combining my innate gifts with developed proficiencies in shamanic work, energy modalities and mind~body~spirit coaching + hypnotherapy techniques, the TOOLS I use most are Storytelling, Symbol, Metaphor, Myth and Nature. 


This subscription offering as well as my private session work can BRIDGE inaction or stagnation to a place where you CAN engage with what you MUST DO to satisfy the needs of your soul.



***  $22 monthly subscription  ***

We use email + password protected pages on this site plus VOXER as optional (FREE) communication technology.  




Medicine awaits you right from the start. When your subscription begins, you'll enjoy immediate access to content from the past 60 days. 

I am in communion with guardians and guides at various times throughout the month and will communicate with you about messages received as well as spirit medicine practices implemented for your benefit.  You'll be notified of newly available content or resources through VOXER.

You'll have "anytime access" to the organized (content) through this website as well as a dropbox folder for ease of use on smartphones and tablets. The password will refresh each month, and content dissolves after 60 days.  

Each offering provides an estimated engagement time and other helpful details for interacting to help UNPACK what you decide is beneficial for you.

You are encouraged - not required - to message me with "medicine" questions or to simply share about your experience with any content. In addition to any response from me, know that I will bear witness as Sacred Listener, a neglected role in our modern world.

GOOD NEWS: your subscription affords you 20% off 1-1 private sessions with me should you feel drawn to personalized personal path support. 




  • You must be self-directed. MOTM is a self-serve container. Resources are available at your leisure but you'll need to manage how you show up to them.
  • If you are adept at "dancing the layers" of an experience, you CAN tune in and benefit from this container beyond real-world interaction with the content. But you'd have to be savvy about navigating any personal avoidance tendencies. For most folks, showing up to the content is likely the best and cleanest way to ensure you'll receive all the benefits available to you. 
  • As a subscriber to MOTM you'll find rich and meaty content, not soundbites with quick fixes.
  • A foundational level of awareness and knowledge of self will serve you well here, as well as willingness to explore, extract and apply meaning from storytelling, symbol and metaphor.
  • MOTM is intentionally designed for independent thinkers who enjoy transformative experiences and flourish within learning journeys and ongoing personal development. 




Wanna experience a sampling first?


That's the nuts and bolts of it.

I want to create clear understanding of what this offering is and isn't.

Below, you'll find more specifics in the FAQS to help you make an informed choice.



When does MOTM begin?

We begin anew on the 3rd of each month. Registration is open anytime. I take the last and first 2 days of each month to attend to both real world logistical details of the monthly renewal of the program AND the energetic refresh of our container (and myself).  

May I join mid-month?

Yes. When filling out a registration form, you'll indicate your wish to begin in the current or following month. There are no partial month payments, so keep that in mind when deciding. Registrations submitted during the last 5 days of the month will automatically begin in the following month. Medicine awaits you, right from the start as whenever your subscription begins, you'll enjoy access to content from the past 60 days. 

How do I join?

Choose-in through the BUTTONS located just above here or at the top and bottom of this page. There you'll find a few questions to reflect on and respond to so I may get a feel for you and your path. Nothing to fear here. This is not an "audition", simply a way for me to get to know you. Once registered, you'll receive an invoice for payment, and then a welcome email from me with more details and suggestions about how best to interact with this offering, in general.

What if we've never met? 

You can request an optional 30-minute call with me during your first month of membership so we can make a real world personal connection if that feels helpful to you. We do this by phone, SKYPE or ZOOM. 

If there is no online community, how will I interact with you or the group?

Essentially, you won't interact with the group. This offering isn't meant to build community or provide an interactive group experience. The interaction and connection is mainly between you and Source, Spirit, God, Universe, Creator (whatever that is for you).

You are welcome to message me to share or express an aspect of your interaction with any of the provided content. As stated above, I'm willing to be a witness to your experiences, and can provide a bit of guidance with how to interpret or organize your experience with the content. Mostly, I will honor and hold the space of Sacred Listener, a neglected and under-appreciated role our modern world.

Should you wish to work through anything with me, or feel you'd benefit from more interaction, I invite you to schedule a PRIVATE SESSION (at 20% off publicly posted pricing). If you feel a need for community, you'll want to seek that piece outside of this container. 

Can I get a sneak peek BEFORE deciding to join?

YES! I acknowledge there's a bit of mystery and undefined subtlety for what is being created here. Further below, you can REQUEST A SAMPLING of this program.

It may be helpful to know me a bit better HERE & experience my vibe from what's shared on my FREE RESOURCES  page.    

Is MOTM open to anyone?

As a highly sensitive being myself, I believe MOTM is a beneficial ongoing resource for sensitive folks who are spiritually inclined. But others can benefit from this offering, including those navigating chronic conditions and for that matter, non-sensitive spiritual explorers navigating the noise of modern life. 

I'm choosing to make the MOTM offering available to anyone called to it; however, I also don't believe this offering is meant for everyone. I've outlined a few precursors above to help you tune into whether this would be a fit for you. Revisit those.

I want you to choose this offering because you feel called to it, or it invokes a spark of curiosity from somewhere down deep, or because it sounds like it was created "just for you". Please thoroughly read and consider what I've shared on this page. I believe you'll know if you are drawn to explore further. And, since it's a low cost, low commitment container, there's also low risk to try it out. I'm also happy to answer any questions you may have. 

How will the monthly payment be handled? 

Your monthly contribution will be initiated through an electronic invoice. You must be willing to authorize the system to store and charge the card for future payment. This is how I'm able to set you up for automatic monthly processing. That's the deal. Then you won't have to think about it going forward, and I don't have to become an accounts receivable wrangler.

After the initial set-up, your payment will process automatically on the last day of each month (to cover the following month). 

What if I want to cancel?

You may cancel at any time by sending an email request. There will be no refunds offered, but no further charges will process after receipt of your request to cancel. 

May I rejoin after I've cancelled?

Once you leave, you can request to rejoin at a later date but please note, you'll be coming back in at the current posted price (which may increase in the future but not for those already participating). So yes, I am grandfathering in those who start with me at $22 per month. 

Will content be stored somewhere for anytime access?

Most - if not all - content (medicine, resources, tools) will be housed on a password protected page of this website AND will stay accessible for 60 days. So you can be a little behind, but MEDICINE OF THE MOMENT™ content will dissolve and be released as we make way for what’s next by staying present to what’s now. There is essence medicine in this statement alone. Feel into THAT!

Having said that, I do provide download links for the monthly meditations, so you can add them to your personal toolkit to access as needed. 

Do I have to get the Voxer app?

It is not strictly required, but strongly suggested. VOXER is the app I'll use for "IN THE MOMENT" updates throughout the month. I believe you benefit from engaging in the material as it's provided. However, you'll have access to the webpage content at anytime your subscription is active, and you'll be provided the active password by email as it's updated. 

May I download, reuse and share the content?

MOSTLY NO. Your membership is contingent upon your agreement NOT to share or repurpose any MOTM content. You may download the recordings and meditations for personal use and among those in your household, that is just fine. But again, the benefits of the other content will be somewhat specific to when it's created. This agreement is between you and me, but also between you and Spirit. I trust you to give it the weight it deserves.

Special requests to share content will be considered case-by-case.








Should you have trouble with the form below, simply email me [ ]