Soulful Conversation + Intuitive Visioning

Whether you are questioning, suffering, navigating transition, feeling adrift or implementing a new goal or lifestyle, a personal path guidance session acts as a powerful yet gentle hold while you EXPLORE, FIND CLARITY & REORIENT.


There are no one-size-fits-all answers and these are not one-size-fits all sessions.

I strongly believe you hold your own answers, and often too close or too tired to gather solutions, relief or healing. You may be passing though energies beyond your current understandings or capacities.


“I found the sessions inspiring. I found solace and comfort during the journey. I now have more confidence and faith in my decisions and my demeanor.”
— Michael S.
“I have been singing your praises in my progress so far and I am truly thankful for your place in my life”.
— Katie T.

Healing Guidance/Coaching Options

Sessions offered virtually by Phone / Skype / Zoom.



Your 1ST session also includes ONE WEEK OF SUPPORT with me via Voxer (a FREE messaging app).

Through this post-session connection, I'm able to answer questions, assist with understandings around what might unfold for you after our work or to simply be a sacred witness to your process. 

Ready to Schedule?

The best way to initiate a guidance session is to message SUZANNE@SUZANNEWIGGINTON.COM. Be sure to include your three best days and times and I'll respond promptly.

Local to Phoenix?

Same focus. Same support. PLUS an ENERGY MEDICINE SESSION on my treatment table. 


Who do you work with? 

Referred to as a "secret weapon" for those both Sensitive + Driven, I am behind-the-scenes support for STRONG, SMART, DEDICATED, INDEPENDENT, PRIVATE folks accustomed to and comfortable with doing things on their own, but who at times, seek a guide to navigate through a sticky place. Life is layers and when one presents that throws you off-kilter, I am at the ready to assist and then step away clean, allowing you to maintain the autonomy you desire. 

Do you only work with women?

No. While the majority of my clients fit the above description, I have successfully assisted many SMART, SENSITIVE, DEDICATED men. 

What makes your work different/special/unique & a fit for my sensitivities?

Profoundly sensitive myself, I am adept at helping other super sensitive people find and implement the best ways to care for themselves and sustain a vibrant life. My work serves as a high-powered flashlight to sweep the landscape, often illuminating hidden gems or unknown short-cuts within the terrain. Plus, I travel with wise guides and helpful maps.

Life plays out in spiraling layers, often looping back around to what you had considered conquered or complete. This can prove disconcerting. When navigating these complexities, I can assist and step away clean, allowing you to maintain the autonomy you desire and energetic boundaries you require. For a sensitive being this distinction is imperative. 

Can you give me the "short version" of why I'll benefit from our work together?

I bring a keen and uncanny sense of direction to whatever YOU CHOOSE to bring to our work together. I offer an airtight container (CONFIDENTIALITY) and the ability to hold space and stay deeply present + steady (INTENSITY) while exploring layers with a strong foundation of impartiality (INTEGRITY).

This recipe is valuable and if you're a sensitive being, I trust you recognize this truth down deep.

What are your credentials?

I hold certifications in transformational life coaching and transpersonal hypnotherapy. I've studied with a contemporary shaman and a celebrated dreamworker. I walk with years of experience as an empathic healer. You can learn more on My ABOUT page.

What if I don’t have my shit together at the moment, and can't focus on life goals. Should I wait to reach out?

Not necessarily. Sometimes our work together is an invitation toward your greatness. Other times it’s assisting in the often confusing shift from “not okay” to just  “okay”. From this neutral foundation you can restore your bearings, replenish your spirit and begin to dream toward more. There may never be a perfect time for this work; however, if you are navigating a severe or extreme life crisis, you may be better served by tending to your vital needs. 

Are you pushy and will you drive me hard?

I am kind, respectful, light-hearted AND serious about helping people. However, taking on a heavy load, compromising your boundaries, or creating too much vulnerability does not serve the sensitive being. I will guide you to make smart commitments and solid agreements. If there is work you agree to do, I will hold you accountable. Dishonoring your commitments will not go ignored, as that would be a disservice to us both. Clients who benefit most from our work together are both wanting support and willing to be an active part of the process. I am passionate about personal success planning and want you to thrive. 

I don’t even know what my goals and dreams are, can you help with this?

I can work with you toward defining big picture and long-term goals; however, I find the most useful goals we define are your "Best Next Steps". If I push you, it will be here. Your truth is what we’re after. Work with me and let’s clear the non-essential noise of modern life and find YOU! 

For the 6 Session Package, how can I KNOW we are meant to work together for a multiple session investment until we've worked together? 

I get it! Please know you can simply pay for an individual session. Should you decide you want to invest in the multiple session package, you'll have 7 days from your initial session to request an invoice for the remainder of the package price to lock in those savings. 

How do you handle payments?

When working with me by phone or online, once your appointment is scheduled, you’ll be invoiced by email with easy online payment options. Payment is due and expected prior to the start of your session.

Interested? Have more questions?