Sacred Personalized Retreats

Enjoy a 3-4 hour custom crafted experience
of connection and renewal to honor & 
nourish you: MIND, BODY + SOUL.

$240 for small groups

$180 for just YOU



Exploring our nighttime dreams offers gifts and messages that can show us the path to balance, inspire us to create, provide solutions where we feel stuck, and guide us toward our self growth. In this private setting, we can customize the time to suit your specific level of dreaming experience and can also dive deep to extrapolate the methods and messages of your specific dream content. I've also created a resource guide + guided meditation recording you can access through my MARKETPLACE.

A personal path guidance session followed by a vibrational medicine tool experience (i.e. reiki drum, singing bowl, monochord) then a full reiki treatment. We'll have time and space built in afterward for a snack and lengthy discovery discussion to integrate, dream forward and, if you so choose, to plot out some next steps on your path. This is an intensive offering if you are in need of great support or if you are preparing for or navigating tremendous change. Of course, you may also simply feel called to claim this offer. Tune in and trust those nudges.

In ancient temples, the art of anointing was practiced as a consecration, using the holy oils to seal the covenant between the physical and the divine. Today, I bring sacred oil anointing to life as an exquisite ceremonial ritual lovingly referred to as "the kiss of spirit on the body". Women only. 

DANCE IT OUT! Personalized AromaDance Experience. We begin with a consultation/guidance session up to one-hour to explore the landscape of your current situation. This allows me to tune into you so I can weave together a potent and supportive combination of music for your experience. Next we schedule your 2-hour personalized private AromaDance event where you and I will Dance-It-Out together. Afterward we have time for conversation and integration. While not required, you may wish to attend a community AROMADANCE EVENT to get a feel for its magic + medicine.

SHAMANIC JOURNEY EXPERIENCE Learn to tap in to YOUR connection to spiritual guidance. You'll get the ins and outs of how to journey. I'll lead you through sacred ritual. You'll connect with YOUR support for our time together and will walk away with a powerful spiritual tool. For clarity, this is not a class on shamanism, nor will you become a shaman. 



Celebrate your radiance as we MOVE, RELEASE + RESTORE through free movement expression to mindfully chosen music and the use of pure essential oils on your energy centers (chakras).  No Dance Experience Required! 

AromaDance provides a container to awaken your senses, relieve stress, be playful, and connect with creative movement, often activating a deep remembrance within your beautiful body. You will be the creator of your own dance... your own expression... your own movements. While AromaDance offers choice and freedom, there is no need to worry about not knowing what to do. This is a guided experience and direction is offered throughout the process.

Guided Meditation

I create sacred space and guide our group through a meditative visualization carefully crafted or chosen for this specific offering. These meditations are general enough to be enjoyed by anyone and layered enough to go as deeply as you choose to go.  Come explore the power of a deep pause!

Essential Oils Education / Inspiration

Complimentary classes and events to help you create a foundation of wellness and well-being in your life with pure + potent ESSENTIAL OILS and plant-based products. Nature knows! Attain understanding on the basics of essential oils usage, safety and precautions. THEN... more and more... you can make natural choices for yourself and those entrusted to your care. 


Where are your events/workshops held?

My offerings are located at my studio (Time For You) in Phoenix, Arizona. You can find the address, map and directions on my CONNECT page. In some instances, I may be able to hold my event at your location. Online workshops are held through the ZOOM platform (a simple and free web app). 

How do I know when you're holding group classes, and where do I sign up?

Registration for local classes, workshops and community events is handled through SOULS ALOFT MEET-UP. You can always look there for the current calendar. It's also a good idea to "join" that group so you'll receive email notices when new classes are added. To schedule or inquire about personal retreats, 1-1 classes or online class offerings, use the contact form below. 

Are there any online or virtual learning opportunities?

Be sure to join my mailing list to receive updates as online classes are added. There are also options within my personal retreat offerings that can be facilitated online. The ongoing subscription offering: MEDICINE OF THE MOMENT (for sensitive beings who are spiritually inclined) is totally online.

I also offer periodic essential oil classes through FACEBOOK events. 


How does a personal retreat work?

First, we have a 30-minute phone consultation where you can share your interests and/or goals. We'll brainstorm a bit then, together, choose a theme and a GENERAL outline for your retreat. Should you decide to move forward, I will accept a $50 deposit and schedule a date and time. 

Based on our discussion I'll begin work behind the scenes, connecting and feeling into the specific tools, modalities + activities for your experience. You'll be contacted as needed for clarifications or updates. This is NOT a "one size fits all" offering. Time, attention and care bring these retreats to life.

Why choose a personal (mini) retreat?

Use a mini retreat as a jumpstart for a new way of being. Experience a mini retreat as a deep nourishing and renewal opportunity. You might plan a mini retreat to soothe transitional difficulties for your family. Or, craft a mini retreat as a special gift for a small group of friends or colleagues. Or simply schedule a mini retreat to bask in the energies of your soul set aloft!

What is the cost of a personal retreat?

$180 for individual retreats
$240 for small group retreats (up to 4 people). Inquire for pricing for larger groups.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the preparation involved and the large chunk of time held for you on my calendar, a $50 non-refundable deposit is required for most retreats and, the remaining fees must be paid in full (at least) 48 hours prior to your scheduled retreat.

Why do you list these retreats as 3-4 hours?

For most retreats, 3 hours is the "just right" amount of time, however a full 4 hours is reserved for you. We want the unfolding of this sacred retreat time to feel unrushed and supportive. One gift of a retreat is that we are operating outside the hustle and bustle and strict timing of our modern over-scheduled lives. We have a delicious opportunity to enjoy the natural rhythm of what we create together, and this additional time ensures we feel complete. We'll make that decision together. 

Do I have to choose from the options above, or are there more?

I'm happy to discuss the creation of  YOUR OWN PERSONAL RETREAT. We can work together to create a combination of my offerings that will support in your healing or with your general well-being. If you've been waiting for a class, or if what I've scheduled doesn't fit with your availability, please know most workshops can be tailored for a one-on-one experience that suits your schedule and your needs.

Interested? Have more questions? 

Call 602-770-3556 or fill out the contact form below