so sensitive


You never know who you might help if you RESIST the urge to lead with a verbal or energetic disclaimer that you’re NOT meant to help them (however they might identify internally or externally…. on the surface or deep down inside).

This applies to business, yes. But imagine for a moment how this can apply to your general walk in life. Do you ever miss connections or interesting encounters or beneficial relationships because you’ve internally presorted your people preferences? I’m NOT suggesting you throw out your boundaries, filters and intuition. I AM simply wondering if you’ve checked in lately about how you employ the knowledge you’ve gained about how you best operate in the world.

When mapping… tracking… safeguarding your resources and capacities as a highly sensitive being, your individuality is the key.

My FIRST tenet for the highly sensitive being to flourish in our world is TO KNOW YOURSELF.


I've previously written more on the INJURY PHASE of what I've dubbed the SENSITIVE CYCLE but have never chronicled my own experiences from within this stage. Here you'll find a quick description of the SENSITIVE CYCLE, along with four videos totally 27 minutes, spanning a month's time during a recent period of PERSONAL BURNOUT which had me firmly planted in INJURY mode for longer than expected.